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I Will Listen

Muskegon’s suicide rate is 66% higher than the state average. This is a heart stopping, life-shaking statistic.  Every time a life ends with a suicide, family and friends are left to pick up the pieces.  So what can we do to help? 1. Listen. 2. Take Action If a person is feeling depressed or suicidal, […]

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A Redemptive Partnership

“I felt so much shame, I thought I had done something wrong.  I just wanted to die.” My friend nearly wept as she shared this part of her story.  She was sharing what it was like to tell her pastor that she was struggling with a mental illness.  Unfortunately, her pastor did not respond well.  […]

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What Dolph Lundgren Taught Me

So the iconic action hero, Dolph Lundgren has done a TED talk. I must confess that Dolph Lundgren is a surprising person.  He is often cast stereotypically as violent characters.  His onscreen credits include Rocky 4, Universal Soldier and The Expendables.  I’m sure like most actors his actual personality is far greater than the stereotype he often […]

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Happiness Unicorns

Once upon a time, I was given a three page, double-sided, two column list of “feeling words”.  The professor who provided the list said clients would be able to express their emotions better if they had more words. To be honest, I’ve never had a client tell me they feel obtuse.  Or extemporaneous.  Or flatulent.  […]

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5 Surprising Ways Counselors Can Help

It’s interesting how perceptions of counseling can be incredibly wrong. No, most of us do not have you lay down on a couch.  No, none of us have superhuman perception that allows us to know things just by looking at someone.  No, we don’t make people cry every session.  And no, being a counselor does […]

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Michael Phelps: How Therapy Saved His Life

Michael Phelps shares an important story about how therapy helped him feel stronger. If therapy helped a 28-time medalist maybe it can help you too. Here’s his therapy story:

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Anger; What’s below the surface?

When people come it looking for Anger Management, they are sometimes surprised to learn that anger is not always the problem. I saw this picture posted on Linkedin that shows how anger is often the second emotion to something else.

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