What Dolph Lundgren Taught Me
A Surprising Message from the Legendary Action Star

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October 21, 2018


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So the iconic action hero, Dolph Lundgren has done a TED talk.

I must confess that Dolph Lundgren is a surprising person.  He is often cast stereotypically as violent characters.  His onscreen credits include Rocky 4, Universal Soldier and The Expendables.  I’m sure like most actors his actual personality is far greater than the stereotype he often portrays.

As a young man, he was accepted into MIT for chemical engineering (not the easiest place to gain admission) and I believe he can sing in four octaves.  He has also done workout videos.

So I guess I was expecting his TED Talk to focus on fitness over the age of fifty or something like that.  I was not at all expecting what he had to share.

Check it out below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNOE0dZpHcY&w=560&h=315]


As men, admitting that we have a problem is tough.  It often seems easier for us to bury our struggles and keep on going.  One of my takeaway’s from Mr. Lundgren’s talk is a very simple truth. . .

Real Men Get Help.

Many of us know that we have a problem, whatever that problem might be.  Yet, we find it hard to ask for help.  We don’t want to be weak.  We don’t like asking for help.  We may think that therapy is not something men do.

Looking at my own journey, let me echo the message that the video shared:

Real Men Get Help.  

If you have something going on, let’s sit down man to man and figure it out.

Join the conversation below: What did you think of the video’s message?

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