5 Surprising Ways Counselors Can Help

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October 8, 2018


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It’s interesting how perceptions of counseling can be incredibly wrong.

No, most of us do not have you lay down on a couch.  No, none of us have superhuman perception that allows us to know things just by looking at someone.  No, we don’t make people cry every session.  And no, being a counselor does not make my life is not perfect.

Most of the time, people come to talk to me because something is going wrong in their life.  Across the board, most therapists can help with issues like depression, anxiety, relationship problems, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, and other emotional problems.  And the cool part is, we can help without side effects.

Still, there are some issues in life that we can help with that are surprising for many people.  Here are five issues that many people don’t know we can help with.

1. We Can Help You Get a Better Job

Yup, we can help you find the career that you are wired for.  While many of us have some form of career counseling in high school or college, we might not realize that our career needs change over time.  Our dream career at twenty-five might not be the same at forty-five.  We can help you find the right job or how to get more out of your current one.

2. We Can Help You Lose Weight

Many weight loss attempts fail because we forget the key ingredient.  Most diet plans focus on the physical and, to be sure, we need to eat right and exercise more if we want to lose weight.  However, we often miss the emotional piece.  Working with a therapist can help us win the battle in our mind that will allow us to reach our health goals.

3.  We Can Help You Perform Better

Have you ever watched a professional athlete completely fall apart?  We often wonder how an Olympic athlete or highly skilled performers can suddenly lose their edge.  Many professional athletes and other top performers work with a counselor or therapist to help them uncover their blocks to top performance.  This same kind of coaching can be applied to any type of job or hobby.  Talking to a therapist can help you reach a peak level of performance and remain there.

4.  We Can Help You Sleep Better

Ever lie awake at night with racing thoughts?  While it may seem like a physical problem, many causes of insomnia are psychological.  Talking to a licensed counselor can help resolve the racing thoughts and other psychological factors that are keeping you awake.

5. We Can Help You Live With Other People’s Issues

If someone we love is battling with a mental health issue, it can be difficult for friends and family.  Talking to counselors can be so much more than fixing “our” problems.  We can also help you learn how to love and support the people close to you when they struggle.

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